Operating Philosophy

Symposium “Together is Happiness” OR "Happiness in togetherness" situated in the City Center Mall, Dwarka is a chic a al carte world cuisine restaurant with a bar show. Our ethos are to ensure joyful experience to our guests and give them feeling of oneness.

It caters to the demographically heterogeneous population of the mall guests. OR It caters to a mix of local and mall guests.

Cooking with tandoor ads authenticity and theatrical appeal to the dining experience that is contemporary as well as fit for family gatherings. OR A touch of Tandoor cooking is a theatrical element of this contemporary, yet family style dining venue.

While the food is impeccable, the service is efficient, formal and of professional style thereby acumen to enhance your palette needs. OR with food and drinks acumen to enhance the guest’s palate needs.

We strive to maintain our quality and be well versed with the swiftly changing gluttony trends across the globe. Therefore, we make sure to upgrade our menu periodically.

The drinks list include local and international drinks that matching world-class standards. The Symposium further includes an extensive and exclusive collection of shakes, coffee and exotic Indo- Asian concoctions to balance. OR The venue will feature an extensive selection of Shakes, an exclusive collection of ‘Coffee’ and an ‘innovative Indo-Asian concoctions, to balance well with the exciting and bombastic array of flavours.

Value for money pricing to entice guest to come back; a competitive edge. The practice of sharing will enhance the dining experience, as it is mix World Cuisine culture.

Symposium is class-apart fine dine bringing to you a blend of pure and authentic flavours from the interiors of India and from across the globe.

We bring to you a blend of original and pure, authentic flavours of selected Indian & International regions with a fresh and unique produce and a periodically changing menu.


The interiors are modern, chic and elegantly understated with a dash of contemporary touches. Insightful motifs within the design elements will be prone to conversation and casual discussions.

The eye candy décor is set to leave the guests mesmerised with their own story to tell. The furniture is contemporary and specially designed to maximise comfort.

Furniture will be contemporary rather than traditional and is comfortable.

Our staff is fully aware and sensitive about all dishes and drinks and their preparation methods. Be free to consult the staff about any query about the cuisine or dish. Further, our associates are friendly, hospitable and enthusiastic about providing our guests with the best service.

Special Features

  • Contemporary blend of World Cuisine served in the most informal ambience.
  • Shimmer of lights enhancing the dining experience from the moment of entering to till the guest depart.
  • A Kitchen where the chefs magically craft the succulent Indian breads & tandoor to perfection.
  • Soothing music to elevate the dining experience.
  • An exclusive collection of “coffees’ specially developed by our connoisseurs.
  • A fully equipped bar appealing to tastes and preferences of all sorts.